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uapman is a simple command-line tool which grabs the thumbnailPhoto out of Active Directory for the currently logged-on User, and sets this as User Account Picture in Windows Vista and above (2008 / 7 / 2008 R2).
It was tested on Windows 7 32-bit, 2008 64-bit, 2008 R2.


The commandline parameters are:
  • -verbose
    • Outputs some logging to the commandline
  • -default
    • If the User does not have a Photo in the thumbnailPhoto AD Attribute, it will set the "default.bmp" as User Account Picture
    • Make sure you change the default.bmp picture, else you will end up with my face on your screen :) :)

No parameter will just execute silently without setting a default picture.


You can use uapman as a login script using Active Directory GPO's (or other means).
Make sure that uapman is run under the correct user account. It does NOT need Administrator rights.


You can download the current version here:
uapman 1.0


Feedback is welcome either trough Discussions, Issue Tracker or e-mail (michel.zehnder at techfreak dot ch)

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